YOJO TOURS is a young ambitious company that has absolutely no limits but the sky!


YOJO’s main objective is to promote environmental awareness whilst having a super fun awesome time adventuring the alternative geographical locations of the Gold Coast and the northern New South Wales hinterlands. YOJO TOURS also prides itself on value for money. At YOJO TOURS we strongly believe that everyone should have a chance to experience an all time Australian adventure exploring some of the worlds most beautiful natural sceneries for a fair economical price.

YOJO TOURS was founded in March 2015 by a young courageous man by the name of Josh Glennon. Josh started his life by growing up in the bio diverse valleys of the MT Warning caldera, by the age of 4 Josh could climb up any tree possible. He then was introduced to the ocean, where he developed a life long relationship that still continues to this day.

Joshes continuous surroundings of the ocean and nature nurtured and developed his passion to explore and experience the wildest adventures that the world had to offer.

Josh due to his dad’s wild ambitions has been traveling the world’s most exotic countries from a teenager. Using his world experience and his tenacious attitude he decided to enroll into university where he would pursue a professional career that could help improve the environment. Through the course of his studies Josh decided to defer, due to search for his dad in Indonesia to help assist with a major mining environmental problem. After Joshes wild adventure roaming through the depths of the Indonesian jungle taking on mosquitoes the size of seagulls and being chased by crocodiles and Sumatran saber tooth tigers with his dad, he decided to return to Australia and start an all class adventure tour company.

Which lead to the birth of YOJO TOURS.