One of YOJO TOURS most significant and important values is sustainability. Sustainability’s core roots comes down to being more efficient in every aspect of life, for instance if you can reduce, re use and recycle the things associated within your lifestyle whilst maintaining balance and wellbeing, in effect you will be contributing to a healthier environment for not only yourself but those around you as well. If we can manage to make more sustainable choices, together we can create a healthier planet as a result.


Here are some tips and facts you can learn and share with others!


Buy Local Eat Local. Rather than heading to a chain grocery or department store (where more energy is used to ship food further distances), stop by a local market or a street stand (also use a reusable bag for shopping). It's not always easy to find restaurants that serve local or organic food, so the best thing to do is ask around, ask some locals, it may even lead you on a more interesting adventure.

Don't litter! Even if you notice the locals doing so, try to find a container to dispose of your litter. Thousands of animals die every year all over the world due to people littering.

Use local and public transport whenever possible. Take a train or bus. Bike or walk. Try to fly less-airplanes produce massive amounts of ozone-depleting carbon dioxide.

Save electricity. Turn off lights, air conditioners, and heaters when you are not in the room.

If you can turn this into a habit, over a period of years you will be responsible for saving thousands of carbon admissions that the world does not need.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Always try to use less – Reduce & Recycle if the country you're in accommodates recycling. If not, think of new uses for products before you throw them away.

Use accommodations that has a reputation for being sustainable. There are regional and national certification systems that accommodations can obtain if they are sustainably-operated, much like the organic labeling system. Check to see if there are any local certification labels that can help you to determine where to stay. Search the internet to do this (country name + tourism certification) or inquire with the visitor's bureau or local tourism offices.