Voted Third Best Water Adventure Activity in Australia!

Its been quite a crazy journey starting and running my very own tour company YOJO TOURS. Running your own business is not an easy thing, However persistence and optimism can lead to some incredible results if you willing to give it a go. I have just recently been rated THE THIRD BEST WATER ADVENTURE ACTIVITY in Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By our Awesome friends the Flight Network


Tricks of the Trade

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“I’ll admit it, I was pretty nervous to talk to him. He was tall, and muscular, and I really didn’t know if we would have anything in common to chat about. As I cautiously approached him, I opened my mouth to deliver my carefully prepared Yojo pickup line, but he gazed up. And we locked eyes. Roger was a badass lookin dude, and I froze. But I was prompted on by my peers and I slowly kept moving. It all came down to this, the pressure was on. Finally I stood close enough to reach out, and my hand met his fur.”

            Kangaroos are a huge part of the Aussie life, as there are 25 million currently residing in the land down under. Shockingly, that means there are actually more roo’s than people in the country! Due to the fact that the species is only native to Australia, people come from countries all over the world to check out these hoppers. At Yojo, we appreciate these hot commodities and we’ve got some tips to help you get close to them not just in a zoo, but in their natural habitats!

            Along the road to Springbrook National Park, in the beautiful Currumbin valley . You will see the kangaroos roaming the grass lawns and with our pointers, you may even get up close and personal with one. Yojo guides have grown up around these buggas and we know just how to approach them. First off, you gotta be relaxed, don’t get star struck here and lose your cool. If all of your attention is on these guys they’ll get spooked, so walk with confidence and pretend like you could care less. Yeah that’s right, these marsupials ain’t worth your time. Next, as you slowly meander into uncharted territory with these critters, strike up a convo. Talk to them about anything and everything, break the ice a little; no one likes an awkward first date. As you get closer, reach out your hand and let them get familiar. And finally, cash in on your hard work! These critters are some of Straya’s greatest treasures, enjoy every moment up close and personal with a badass like Roger!


            EYYYOOO it’s YOJO Tours, and what a time to be alive!! You’ve made quite a wise decision, checking out this blog, and we’re certainly stoked you did. Here at Yojo we do things a little bit differently... We’re a motley crew of experienced, highly-trained, skilled and knowledgeable Gold Coast LOCALS. We’ve lived here since the weee yonks and we know first-hand, just what a radical place this is.

            As much as we love tourism, we’re not really about commercialized tours. We live for spontaneity and authenticity; it energizes and excites us. If you’re new to the Gold Coast, come experience life just like the locals do it, with a little bitter beer, and a whole lotta aussie slang. If you’re all about the unconventional, we’d love to have you! We pride ourselves on providing you with an experience you’ll never forget.

            Yojo tours certainly aren’t for the faint of heart, because we do it like the locals do. We live for the adventure, and we could be doing everything from jumping with ‘roos to swingin from vines! Let us take you where no tour bus will, and no tour guide even knows about. Local spots always.

            Listen, we’re bred a bit differently here... because Gold Coast is literally in our blood. So come LIVE! Go where the locals go and do what the locals do. What do you say, let’s have a go!