EYYYOOO it’s YOJO Tours, and what a time to be alive!! You’ve made quite a wise decision, checking out this blog, and we’re certainly stoked you did. Here at Yojo we do things a little bit differently... We’re a motley crew of experienced, highly-trained, skilled and knowledgeable Gold Coast LOCALS. We’ve lived here since the weee yonks and we know first-hand, just what a radical place this is.

            As much as we love tourism, we’re not really about commercialized tours. We live for spontaneity and authenticity; it energizes and excites us. If you’re new to the Gold Coast, come experience life just like the locals do it, with a little bitter beer, and a whole lotta aussie slang. If you’re all about the unconventional, we’d love to have you! We pride ourselves on providing you with an experience you’ll never forget.

            Yojo tours certainly aren’t for the faint of heart, because we do it like the locals do. We live for the adventure, and we could be doing everything from jumping with ‘roos to swingin from vines! Let us take you where no tour bus will, and no tour guide even knows about. Local spots always.

            Listen, we’re bred a bit differently here... because Gold Coast is literally in our blood. So come LIVE! Go where the locals go and do what the locals do. What do you say, let’s have a go!