The Sunday safari Tour

Full day tour 9hrs

All our tours are extremely Adventurous but this tour is by far the Bread-winner of Adventure Tours!

Inspired by our core values of being "spontaneous" and most of all having "Fun", this tour is designed to take you off the map and provide you with a day of day of absolute pleasure exploring the luxurious geography of the Gold Coast! 

This tour will provide you a generous taste of what it is like to live like a Gold coast Local. Due to our team having outstanding extensive knowledge of the Gold Coast, You will be shown the coasts best secrets in relation to where we go, what we do and how we Live! 

The day will start off with the notion of a “lazy Sunday” starting at 11am. Our first and foremost stop will be to get a delicious coffee, selected from one of the trendiest café’s on the coast. With our lifting coffee hit, we will truly be on the "road to adventure" as we head to one of our favorite spots that will feature a range of amazing rainforest sceneries in the SpringBrook national park and as well as some surreal swimming spots to have a casual dip.

After our rainforest refreshment we will then continue our journey by stopping in and catching up with some of our most loveable mates " an awesome bunch of wild kangaroos". After a couple of laughs with our new mates, we will then continue to head back to the coastline to watch one of our beautiful Sun-Sets in true Gold coast style with some refreshing cold beverages! 

Once the sun finally goes down, we will then go on to explore the awesome sub culture of the southern relaxed surf town of Coolangatta. After indulging amongst the  diverse selections of gourmet eating, we will then be on our way to our final destination. 

Our final activity for this action packed adventure involves one of the most fascinating experiences yet, A night Jungle walk, where we will explore a bioluminescent glow-worm cave, where the true magic of nature presents itself as we encounter diverse nocturnal wild-life as well as magical glowing mushrooms. This is  one of the best natural light shows within Australia and is surely not be missed by foreign visitors.    


Pick up 

Coffee Lift 

Rainforest Walk 

Rockpool Swim 

Kangaroo Encounter

Sunset Sit-Down

 Coolangatta Gourmet      Dinner

Rainforest Night Walk

Glow Worm Cave

Drop off   

Pick up 11am Drop off 9pm


What you need:

Towel swimmers, water, shoes, ID


Optional to bring:

Camera, hat, bag, an optimistic attitude


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